Believe it or not? "Swimming" can help you lose weight as well as "Run-ride a bike"


Many people believe that If you want to lose weight to be effective. You have to do cardio exercises to burn fat like aerobic, running or cycling Which burns fat to see results Now when asked about swimming sport, is anyone interested in choosing it as a sport to lose weight? Many people shook their heads. While many others were confused. Then asked back if Can swimming help you lose weight too? If so, you don't have enough information. That swimming can help you lose weight So let's read this article. Then you may change your mind to jump into the pool to lose weight.


Swimming is cardio mixed with muscle training.

Articles about Women's Health interviewed by a swimming coach. It has been mentioned that swimming exercise is a great option for people who want to do cardio exercise, because swimming is another sport that helps burn fat. And is a sport that can be played at any age While also helping to exercise all the muscles of the body Strengthens the heart muscle above all else when you are in the pool. "Water" will support 90 percent of your body weight, which is good for the knees. And the ankles of those who are heavy


Swimming can definitely help you lose weight. Because this is a sport that is a combination of cardio and building strong and toned muscles. For each stroke, as you enter the pool, your heart pumps blood. And burn more calories in the body In the meantime The position of swimming is to resist pressure in the water. This will help increase the strength of your muscles at the same time.


And will swimming help you lose weight?

Of course, if you swim regularly. (Not playing in the water) Your body weight is certainly reduced. While helping with your heart rate And makes the muscles firmer and stronger Because swimming is an exercise in every proportion of the body. Each stroke of the swim uses a different body muscle.


Now let's look at the results of the survey on how much swimming can help you lose weight. If you weigh approximately 56 kg and swim for 30 minutes a day in a freestyle position. Will be able to burn up to 330 calories if you swim butterfly pose Will be able to burn 330 calories as well. The rowing pose will burn 240 calories while that move will burn 300 calories.


But if you weigh more than 56 kg, a 30-minute swim will help you burn more than you think.For example, at 83 kg, swimming for half an hour in a row, the freestyle will burn 488 cal. Butterfly posture burns 488 calories, the frog burns 355 calories and the Rowing Burn has 440 calories, which burns calories from swimming. that The numbers are close to running or cycling ever. (From the comparison table of the American Council of Exercise)


How long do I have to swim? And what is the best time for swimming?
If interested, turn to exercise to lose weight by swimming. You don't need to spend a lot of time, just three days a week. Make it 30 minutes at a time, you will see results immediately within one to two months. But above all You must not forget that the most effective weight loss solution is diet. Because it will see more results than exercise But still eat desserts, fried foods, as before, the meal that should be eaten as little as possible is dinner


The most effective way to swim is the morning swim. After waking up because it helps the body Pull out the fat that is covered in different parts. Of the body to be active But if you really don't have time, the evenings after work can be done as well. Just be patient and not eat heavy food, because swimming is a cardio that is as heavy as running or biking. When you exercise hard Then the body needs food. So if you are thinking of swimming in the evening You have to control your food after swimming, too.


Read at this point Many of you are starting to want to go for a swim now, right? Tonkit360 has a tip to conclude. If you choose to swim to lose weight Try to start yourself in ascending order. And do it continuously Just as this will see results in no time.


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