"Ratawan" Ting unlocks all parts of marijuana, frightened and confused


"Ta Wan" Ting unlocks marijuana. Why not disassemble every part of the dreaded confused point "Dok" has the best medicinal properties.


Mrs. Ratawan Vongsriwong, former Deputy Minister of Labor The co-founder of the Equal Party said that, according to the Penalty Drug Control Committee, it was decided to unlock the cannabis-hemp plant. The leaves, branches, stems and roots can be used, thus removing this part from being a narcotic drug in order to make people more accessible that this slotxo resolution There is an exclusion of cannabis flower - Hemp People cannot use flowers at all. In spite of being a part that has high properties It can be used only with leaves, branches, stems and roots that have properties that are not as good as flowers. He did not understand why all parts were not unlocked, including flowers. According to Thai traditional medicine, there are 16 recipes of Thai herbal medicine that will use hemp flower - hemp as an ingredient, but there will be 1 formulation that uses leaves as an ingredient, which is a drug that is used only with children.


If the Ministry of Health issues an announcement to unlock cannabis - hemp But still locked flowers Will surely confuse the public When the tree is planted, only the leaves, branches, stems and roots will be used. If kept, will it be guilty or not, or will the FDA be the purchaser of the flowers to use and will buy from all the people equally or not?


Ministry of Public Health Should work on unlocking all parts of cannabis - hemp including flowers. Because allowing people to grow cannabis plants - hemp and then using other parts except flowers is the same as allowing people to use only the waste part. And if to promote Thai traditional medicine mixed with cannabis - real hemp There must be no exception to the use of flowers to produce drugs. And other products as well. In addition, the Ministry of Education will have measures to prevent people from committing illegal And become a corrupt tool for officials who may be exploiting legal loopholes for personal gain And most importantly, the government has to encourage people to take advantage of cannabis-hemp and Thai herbs with ease. It is not a strict control that makes the people of Thailand and Thailand miss a good opportunity to build a career and make money unfortunately.

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