Startups accelerate development "Convenience store system without cashier"

The launch of Amazon Go, an Amazon's no-queue convenience store Has changed the model of consumer demand to be more responsive to the cashierless storefront system. Many tech startups Are trying to accelerate the development of similar systems. But can be used in some other stores

Marmahanay, an internet analyst at RBC Capital Markets, sees consumers now want more than a cashless society. But must be a shop without a cashier as well Just scan the application to enter the store. And choose to buy the desired product and come out It's like stealing items from the store that is legally required.

Amazon took one step further by opening nine cashier-less Amazon Go stores in three major cities across slotxo America last year. In which customers must have an Amazon Go application to identify themselves when entering the store to buy products. And immediately picked up the desired product from the store The funds will be debited through the registered credit or debit card account.

Recently, Zippin and Standard Cognition are in talks with retailers in the United States and around the world. To put in place a new, similar system

Michael Susswal, co-founder of Standard Cognition, said there are now millions of retailers around the world operating. The company wanted to help and support these stores to be able to use the technology. By developing technology for stores rather than building stores to support technology.

By this type of convenience store system, there will be a system to learn customers' shopping behavior and help replenish products in stock. And inside the shop there will be cameras and sensors That detects which customer picks up or places on the shelf And will send discounts to customers directly to stimulate purchases

Michael estimates that people around the world will experience a cashier in five years from now, and that will be normal in the next 10 years. And until then, some customers may have felt strange. If the shop that goes there has a cashier to charge for it

However, these convenient technologies It also raises questions about safety issues. And the possibility that sensitive customer information could be stolen or in the wrong hands.

Zippin co-founder Krishna Motuguri confirmed that the new store technology Will set the camera system on top Until like a coordinate system or GPS, but will not see the face of the customer This means that the company will not be able to use facial recognition systems for any other purpose.

Zippin and Standard Cognition systems are now open as a San Francisco experimental store. California In order for customers to test this future cashierless shop system before anyone else

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