Police increase protection against people fleeing the city along the border to intercept COVID-19

Pol. Maj. Gen. Yingyot Thep Chamnong, a spokesman for the police, said that in line with the border police protection and control of the escaped smugglers. There is a police patrol. There are also other integrated units such as the military, the administrative department, and other security units. Especially during the COVID period, the Ministry of Public Health will be involved. Which has the intensity of surveillance for people who will escape into the city already During this period, there was news of escaping into the city after a new outbreak. He has examined the relevant government agencies of the Royal Thai Police, knowing that they had meeting to clarify the intensity and personnel of the surveillance.




It emphasizes surveillance and disease control rather than arrest measures for immigrants. Which gives priority to disease control When a suspect is found Escapee There will be departments involved in disease testing. In which provincial public health will take action immediately When meeting people at risk of contracting COVID-19 Will be sent to the state detention center


To inquire about why in the past it had escaped Maj. Gen. Yingyot said the border has thousands of kilometers, including forests, mountains and rivers without walls, so it is difficult to control. The runaway would probably find a gap in entry and cause trouble now. Therefore deposited to the people who wish to enter For the sake of the public it should come in the right channel. In order to have tools and staff in screening disease If there is a risk, he will continue to enter a state detention facility As for the people in the area to be vigilant If you see people who may have escaped and are at risk, notify the relevant authorities to investigate. Can help prevent further aggravation of the economy at this time

Maj. Gen. Yingyot said that law enforcement Officials can't be ignored, but have now focused more on disease control rather than enforcement of immigration laws. If you see that staying in a neighboring เล่นสล็อต country is not safe Want to come back To coordinate the officers along the border As for border law enforcement, there are measures to support Please come in by regular channels. Which will have a unit for screening disease He confirmed that he was not neglecting to enforce the law but would mainly relax to take measures to prevent and control the disease.

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