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Hello, listeners, “Weekly Highlight” this week (December 8-9) will bring you the audience to delve into important news. In the weekly cycle on December 8, 2020

Starting with the overview of the Thai stock market last week (30 Nov-4 Dec), SET INDEX closed at 1,449.83 slotxo points, 0.84% ​​increase from the previous week. The top three groups were the electronic components sector, which increased 6.20%, followed by petrochemicals, increased 5.69%, and finally, the materials industry and machinery increased 4.96%.

For an overview of the investment atmosphere in the Thai stock market this week Even if only open for trading for 2 working days But from a survey of many analysts They continued to weigh in a positive direction from the purchasing power of foreign investors. That tend to carry money to invest in the Thai stock market continuously This can be reflected from the report of net buy of foreign investors throughout November, valued at more than 30,000 million baht, in line with the beginning of December (1-4 December) found that foreign investors. Still gradually buy net worth more than 3,700 million baht

And although foreign investors' confidence in the Thai stock market has gradually improved. But in the view of the risk factors that most analysts have turned to be more careful. That is the risk of the spread of COVID-19. In Thailand, another wave of pandemic may occur. After news broke, a person was infected with COVID-19. Traveled to Thailand through the Thai and Myanmar border through natural channels After this, we must continue to follow up on how the government's practice can control the situation. In order not to escalate into a big problem until having to come back to lock down the country in the second round

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