5 exercises to reduce belly


Although the new trend of women Many people today will like men with a belly. A little chubby shape Little meat Looks cute! But did you know that having a belly button is not always a good thing ?! Let's try to change your mind and change yourself a little better. For all foodie youngsters That indulge your mouth until the belly grows If you still release yourself like this There is hope for a terrible disease, maybe! But today we have 5 tips for simple exercises to reduce belly, to leave the  joker123 men who do not have time! At least being healthy Just like this, you can live for a long time. Don't forget to follow along !!

1. Prank - Lie face down and support your arms on the floor perpendicular to your body. Straighten your legs Along with contracting the abdomen Hold for about 1 minute, do 3 - 5 sets.

2.Side Prank - Lie on your side, legs straightened, arms parallel to the floor. Then tighten the abdomen And lifted himself up-down For about 30 minutes, switch left and right 3 - 5 sets.

3. Bike Crunches - Lie on your back flat on the floor. Use both ends of your hands to touch the back of the head. Keep your stomach tensed. And pull himself elbows to touch the knee alternately left - right about 10-20 times per set

4. Mountain climber - Start with pushups first. After that, bend your knees alternately on your left and right sides at a 90-degree angle with your hips for 30 to 1 minute consecutive sets and let them breathe. Before continuing for 3 - 5 sets

5. Reverse Crunches - Lie down on your back on the floor. Put your hands on your sides Raise both legs And move to the body as much as possible Make sure to keep your abs tightened, doing 7 to 14 reps per set. And stop to let them breathe Before continuing for 3 - 5 sets

6. Sit Up - A simple, basic pose that everyone is familiar with. Begin by lying on your back. Set both knees up. Then contract the abdomen And try to lift yourself as much as possible Do at least 10 reps per set, and gradually increase the number of reps each day.


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