Sanofi-GSK Delays Covid Vaccine Development Program

France's Sanofi and Britain's Glaxo Smith Klein, or GSK, announced a delay in a trial of a vaccine against the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) after clinical trials showed immunity. Not enough

Sanofi and GSK jointly stated that The results of the suspended trial Immunotherapy in subjects aged 18-49 was equivalent to that of COVID-19 patients. Recovered But can stimulate the immune system less in the elderly It is expected that the antigens used to stimulate the body to make antibodies or immunosuppressants are not sufficiently concentrated. It was decided to suspend the third phase of trials scheduled to begin this month. And will start a new study in February next year instead The results are compared with the vaccines that are approved for use. If the information is satisfactory The third phase of trials will begin globally in the second quarter of next year. If the results of the trial are good, they will submit for approval in the second half of the year And should be used in the fourth quarter of the year Originally intended to be available in the middle of next year Both companies have informed governments and the European Commission that has entered into a purchase agreement about delaying vaccine development.

Reuters added that Sanofi and GSK increased production capacity. Hopefully ready to produce 1 billion doses of the vaccine next year. As soon as approved And received orders from many countries in the European Union or the EU, US, Canada and England.

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