The details of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series will come with a beautiful Kvadrat case.



After the leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra, many people may have สล็อตxo imagined what it was. Recently, details of the phone will go on sale in Europe along with the Kvadrat case revealed, the case will be purple and the design blends with the camera into one piece.

As for the details revealed in Europe, that is the price. With an introductory price as follows

Galaxy S21 will have a capacity of 128GB, price 1,049 euros or 38, xxx baht
Galaxy S21 + will have a capacity of 128 / 256GB for 1,099 euros or 40, xxx baht.
Galaxy S21 Ultra will have a 128GB capacity for a price of 1,399 euros or 51, xxx baht.
The release date has not yet appeared, it is expected to be officially launched on January 14th.

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