No secret hair wash tips you need to know.

Because bathing and washing the dirt on the body is something that cannot be overlooked or ignored. So you need to shower regularly at least twice a day, morning and evening. But for the hair and then You may be able to jump over it from time to time. When I read at this point You might think It's not so hygienic that we advise you not to wash your hair every day. But here's what experts advise on how often to clean your hair and scalp, says Susan Brad, who is a specialist dermatologist at Manhattan Dermatology. But on average We recommend that you clean your hair and scalp with shampoo every Three days is enough. ”In reality Washing your hair on a daily basis can have a serious impact on your scalp and hair. Ken Paves, who has also been a celebrity hair stylist such as David Beckham, Jennifer Lofez and Jessica Simpson agreed with the idea. “Using shampoo to clean your hair and scalp is. This should be done about 2-3 times a week. Will be the most suitable frequency In between We recommend rinsing your hair with clean water that alone is enough for freshness and deodorizing the sweat that occurs during the day. ”

Why shouldn't you wash your hair every day?

"Whether you are a man or a woman They do not need to wash their hair every day. Except for those with extra oily scalp, "Bard said." But most people will find it. Their hair doesn't accumulate enough fat to make it feel greasy until the third day. ” Especially on days when you sweat or have very flattened hair. It may need to be rinsed once every two days, but it should not be washed every day anyway. “Every 2 days is an okay frequency as well. If that's what individual oil production demands, ”she said, adding that “Sebum will help protect our skin from dryness. So you don't need to lose your sebum with daily rinsing. And washing your hair every day will not only cause hair loss. But also makes your scalp dry out as well. "

When should you wash your hair?

“You should wash your hair with less frequency than the time it takes for the scalp to build up. This may lead to the natural growth of living yeast on the scalp. And if the tiny white flecks are just not bad enough, they'll cause dandruff. It can also be severe to cause hair loss as well. "Because it is believed that The oil on the scalp is able to trap the DHT hormone, which is a key contributor to hair loss in both men and women, ”she adds.

You should rinse more than you wash.

Getting your hair wet depends on how much sweat and dirt your hair feels. If you think your hair is a little messy or dirty, or just outside. The best way is Drying by blowing Or rinse with clean water is enough "If it's just the wetness in the bathroom Your hair will dry in no time. You can wash away the sweat in the next temple. So that's not a problem whether it looks good or not, ”Brad says, or if your hair is gleaming. You can wash it with water. However If you've just returned from exercise And your hair smells musty and greasy. Plain water may not be enough to wash away the oil. Because if only sweat alone You may be able to use only water to clean. But often, water alone is not enough to remove dirt and grease.

Your hair type is also a big factor for how often you wash your hair.

You should choose a shower product and protocol that works for your hair type, Brad says fine hair is more sensitive and needs to be washed more than other hair types. Because it tends to be it faster than For men with fine hair, Brad recommends washing them regularly every 2 days because of the freshly washed hair. Will lose less weight with fat and dirt Makes hair look voluminous and look thicker too. But on the other hand For men with thick hair The frequency is approximately 3 days per shampoo, which is the ideal frequency to cleanse the hair and scalp. Including making your hair look healthier as well

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