Merriam-Webster and named "Pandemic" the Word of the Year 2020.

The famous dictionary website Merriam-Webster and Together, “Pandemic” is the 2020 word of the year, saying it has been the most searched for on both websites, while also being a term that describes what's going on this year.

The Merriam-Webster website points out that people search for the meaning of "Pandemic" throughout the year, especially on March 11, the day the World Health Organization (WHO) announced COVID-19. Is a large pandemic (Pandemic), which on that day The search volume soared 115,806% compared to the same period in 2019, and other terms related to Pandemic have also become the most popular search term on the web asymptomatic (asymptomatic). quarantine (quarantine) and the word coronavirus (corona virus).

While the website also cites "Pandemic" as the word of the year, including social distancing (maintaining social distance), flatten the curve, and herd immunity (immunity). swine)

Both websites also label defund (cut subsidies) as one of their vocabulary of the year. In the wake of the American call to defund the police or cut the police support. After the incident of George Freud, a black man who was kneeled by a police officer on his neck. And resulted in his death

Other dictionaries, such as the Collins Dictionary, previously referred to lockdown as the Word of the Year 2020.

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