5 simple techniques to cure car motion sickness, effective in every curve



 Motion sickness is a serious problem for many people. The more time you have to take the car to travel to other provinces May make it all fun, Sanook Auto recommends 5 techniques to help relieve car sickness easily to leave each other.

How common is motion sickness?
Motion sickness (Motion Sickness) is a problem that only occurs with some people. It can be found  ดาวน์โหลด slotxo while traveling in a moving vehicle. As a result, the senses of the inner ear do not work in harmony with the vision. Causing the brain to conflict that causes motion sickness It will make people with car sickness feel dizzy, nausea and vomiting, unusual sweating, fatigue. And don't want food, etc.

5 techniques to cure car sickness
Should choose the front seat - to minimize the occurrence of the stabilizer from the car. And is a position with the best visibility
Spot stationary exterior objects - Choose to look at objects outside stationary such as trees, billboards, etc., and avoid looking at moving vehicles.
Avoid using a mobile phone - Avoid behaviors that require you to bend your head, such as playing your smartphone, reading, etc. Best way to use such equipment Should be raised to eye level.
Stop the car for more frequent breaks - change of manner And breathe fresh air Will help relieve car sickness down
Take motion sickness medicine - Taking motion sickness medicine before your trip will help prevent motion sickness. They are available in both oral tablet and body patches. Use according to the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.

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