Trace a decade of "Arab Spring" when the revolutionary wave has returned to its original point.

Trace a decade of "Arab Spring" when the revolutionary wave has returned to its original point.




Arab Spring "is a wave of revolution that rages dominoes in the Arab world. And North Africa Starting in Tunisia on 17 Dec 2010 until now. With leaders of different countries Was cut down from power Since Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, peoples have risen in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco and Sudan, and minor protests have taken place in Lebanon,  slotxo Mauritania, Oman and Saudi Arabia.
Demands of protests in each country It was a protest to evict the leaders. And a long-standing monopoly of power in the political system Political reform Claims for the participation of people, rights, freedoms and economic problems, as the 10 years have passed, many countries have not escaped the same situation.
The effect of the Arab Spring Also makes the political movement, Islamic approach Back strong Islamic groups have a stronger political role in many countries.


Tunisia set a fire of hope

On December 17, 2010, Mohamed Boazici, a fruit and vegetable vendor at a market in Sidi Buzid, set himself on fire in protest against the police's use of power. He died two weeks later, news of the fate of Mr. Boazisi. Made the Tunisian realize that People should not be afraid of state power. People marched in many cities. To combat the injustices that have arisen in the government of President Cineel Abidine Ben Ali, who ruled the country for 23 years.

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