Disrupting education with technology

I can say that today all are surprised with new technology in education. Use of technology in education is a good thing. You can learn something new. In the Education method it requires disruptive innovation. If you make a research you can see that, the present education system is not up to the challenges of the future. And I can say that the innovations are not improved. And it is not at clear that how we get from “here” to “there”.

Can you imagine a classroom without Blackboard, chalks; textbooks; and ink pens? If you look close to today’s education system you can feel it. These things are slowly becoming a thing of a past. Now it is time to welcome. And continue using new technology. It is good to make use of innovation. It becomes easier for teacher to take class. And it also improves students’ learning. In many schools and college, they started using new education method. The recent innovations have given completely a new meaning to education.

Today technology has improved a lot. With the help of technology, Education has passed its borders. Now it is opened new opportunities for school and college students. With new tools students can share any information. And one can make teamwork with the help of emails. Now students can also learn programs anytime, anywhere.

In a modern technology, Virtual lessons are one of the best. For example if teacher do not get into the classroom; students do not miss their education. If students did not get into the classroom due to bad health problems; should also do not miss education. One can also be part of the class as someone there in person.
In my personal point of view, I can say that new ideas are good. One can improve in all their creative area. It is easy to learn new things with new innovations. We should accept new things and move along with them.

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