The Fault in Our Education Systems

I am not particularly satisfied with our education system, which more or less focuses on spoon-feeding all through high school and then overburdening students with extremely difficult assignments in undergraduate education.

Some of these daunting assignments include essays, which compel you to utilise your non-existent writing and analytical skills. You cannot blame the child for not turning in a brilliant essay if they were not taught essay writing back in high school.

This is one reason that I had to take help from a college essay writing service UK during my undergraduate education. I was a computer science major and my mind never went towards any of the writing tasks. For someone in computer science, my mind was usually towards mathematics, physics and everything else related to IT.

When my teachers started giving me essay assignments, I began to realise that I was not proficient with the skills necessary for presenting an essay up to their standards. My grades suffered for a while until I sought help from the service. However, I only chose the service as a last resort because I did not want to waste all my college fees and end up NOT graduating.

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thanks for sharing
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