>> Departures / Tokyo Sonata = ˹ѧշҪͺ / ˹ѧշͺ !! <<
   Departures ( آ ... ѹ ) .... 3 Ǥ ....
Tokyo Sonata ( ѹ㨫͹ ) .... 3 .....

........................µ¤ѡЪͺٴ " ˹ѧ ˹ѧҪͺ " ǹǼ§Ҵ¤Ѻ л¤ѹ͡þٴẺغ ͹ҡ Ѻ ԧ¤˹ѧѡ˹ѧҪͺ ¤駷˹ѧ ֡ͺѹҫ ҧն֧Ҵ´ 蹴 һҴ« ͧ¡ͧ˹ѧ ( ¡ҧ Funny Games ˹ѧշ´ ) ˹ѧͧ ͹ ͧ Breaking The waves ԹǪ͡Ҩҡç ҧҡⴹ͹͹غҨѧ !! ˹ѧѹҡ ҡ ͺФѺ ѹ˴Թ ¨Ե㨡ѹҡԹ˹ ˹ѧ˹¡礧 The Mist !! ǹ㹴ҹç ͧ˹ѧ¤ Guilty Pleasure ? ҳ˹ѧҪͺФѺ 觨ԧ Guilty ¹зк͡Ҽͺ˹ѧͧ ... Ͷǹ١ ( ) ...

........................Tokyo Sonata ˹ѧԹ˹˹ѧѺ˹ѧش ֡Ҩ͡ǹ ԴҡԴԧ ˹ѧ˹ѡ ͧº ˹ѡ ֡Ҩ繧ҹͧ.ª ë ? ͧǪԵͺǭ蹷ҧҧ ҧԹѹШ͹ͺ Դԡĵҧҧ㹤ͺ ѭҷءҧش¡Դ͡ !! ҼӡѺ प Ե Ҩաæҡѹҧҹ ( ) ˹ѧѹҡ ǹ´ ͹ФѺ ˹ѧؤѲҡ ˹ѧҶ֧ҡ Ͷ֧˹ѧСǴͧҹ ǡѺشʹ ˹ѧͧչ䴴Ẻ ? سҴ˹ѧ 2 س᷺㨶֧繭ѧѨغѹҧͺͧ ~ ѹ˹˹ ҺҴ֡ФѺ !! 㹷ءáзӢͧФù Ҷ֧Ẻ ǡ㨷ش繷ҧͧ͡ѭ ԧѹҡԹ͡ ҨСҭͷ " " ѹ ҹͧ !!

: Job ( ) [6 .. 52 13:21] ( IP A: X: )
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   ........................Departures ˹ѧᵡҧҡ Tokyo Sonata ԧѺ ˹ѧշͺҡ ԴѺ Tokyo Ѻ˹ѧ ͺ ѹҡѡ Фѹ´ ͧԹ з֡㹡ô Departures ᵡҧԧ !! ˹ѧǢͧѺ ѧ˹˹ѧ֧ٴҫ ǡѺ֡ҡ !! ͹˹ѧҩ¼ԹӪ蹪ҡ 蹡ѧҡͷзѴԹ仴 мͧ " ͧǢͧѡյҹͧ价ӧҹѻ " ֡͡ѹ͡˹ѧҧ зӤѭش ͡˹ѧѹкѹԧҧ ?? Ҿ˹ѧͧ˹ѧԹҴشͺ· ˹ѧ仴¤س ŻҾ¹ ֧ѹԧ٧ҧ š㨷ͧҪҡ ֧ҧ˭ҧʡ ˹ѧҧʹ 觡»С÷駻ǧ ~

........................Tokyo Departures ˹ѧ سҾ з͹֧Ҿѧ Ѳ ֡֡Դ㨢ͧǭҧ ~ ȭ Ժ˹ѧͧͧҴ ͡ҡ֡Ҷ֧繭 ѧõԴǡѺաºФѺ !! úҧ¤Դ ÷ӧҹѺȾ ͹ " ѻ " աԵ¡ͧ ҾʺҧѺ ˹ѧͧ֡Ẻ ~ դº͡ 繤㨨ԧ ǵͧշش ͧҹ ѡҹӤҴҧ " ѻ " ҡѧѺҹԧ о٨ ҧҹ ҡԷԷդآѺ˹ҷç ͡ʷŢ 1 Ҥس෨ԧѺ觷س !! Departures աҧͧ˹ѧԵʹ ˹ѧԺҺҧҧ͡ ê˹ѧͧѺ ͹觡´Ժʪҵش ͧǷȹ ҧ ûҳ ~

: Job ( ) [6 .. 52 13:22] ( IP A: X: )
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੾ Tokyo sonata ͺ˹ѧǹ
: (lux ) [7 .. 52 4:44] ( IP A: X: )
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   ѺԴաǤѺ ˹ѧբͧѹͧ١㨼͹
ҡԹ仴͡˹ѡ ¹Ԩó˹ѧѡ§˹ Ѻ˹ѧ͹Ѻ

˹ѧͧͧ ҡд֡ҪԵҵ Ẻ繴·ءСäѺ
ҡդԨó˹ѧ繪Ǻҹ仴 10 ҡԹҤ觢ͧǺҹҹ鹺͡ ˹ѧẺ˹ѺẺѴԹѡ
͹ѡԨó˹ѧ(¤ҷҹҡ ʾ.) ѺԹҢͧ˹ѧ ҧ㹡ҹ鹨֧ͧ¹Ԩó ͡㹷ӹͧ˹ѧͧ͹Ҵ ҷ仴÷ӹͧ

ҡ˹ѧ仴͡ ͧդآ Ẻ繤ԴǺ͡仴µͧ¤Ѻ ˹ѧµҢͧ
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