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   NEW 120" CESSNA 182

This giant scale plane was tested and powered by 3MM-53CC, 3W-50, and 62CC petrol engine. Version 2 features scale rivets on the body, scale doors openable, 3D dashboard, scale seats, and pre installed navigation lights etc! (Same as 157 inch).

The factory will upgrade the main landing gear, scale rivets, engine box, interior decoration, fuel tank, wheels etc.

We recommend new 124CC petrol engine for the new version. Details for new 124cc engine would be available soon!

Scale CF 3B propeller and Ultimate 3B Bar Stock spinner would be available soon!

Planes Specification

Scale 1/4

Wingspan: 3050mm (120 inch)

Wing area: 11,500 (1782.50

Length: 2400mm (94 inch)

Weight: 14-18kg (31-40 pounds)

Engine required: 50cc-124cc petrol engine

Radio: 6-8 channels, 7-8 servos

For instruction manual, click:

Marcel 's plane flying video