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ARF 35% Cessna 182 Skylane

Feature: construction:

All composite fiberglass parts.

The factory complete fuselage includes pre-installed frame work, wings, stabilizer, aileron, flap, elevator and rudder. The finish is pre-painted with your color choices. The mirrored mold includes panel lines and reveals.

The cockpit windows and doors are user assembled. The detachable wings are composed of a structure of spars and ribs. Aileron and flap hinges are pre-installed. The engine bulkhead and landing gear mounts are pre-installed. The horizontal stabilizer and vertical fin parts are detachable. The elevator and rudder hinges are pre-installed. The push rods and servo tray is included in the complete accessory package.

The aircraft kit Includes:

- Pre-built fuselage, wing and tail assemblies, wing tube, engine mount
- push rods and servo mount tray
- fuel tank 2,200 ml. (60 ounces)
- nose gear strut and alloy main gear
- 1 each 15.2cm (6 inches) nose wheel
- 2 each 17.8cm (7 inch) main wheels
- cockpit interior
- 10.2cm (4inch) spinner
- canopy, accessories package
- Navigation lights and landing light system are pre-installed

The aircraft kit requires you to furnish:

- Engine: 120 - 210 cubic centimeters (7.3-12.8 cubic inches) spark ignition gasoline engine
- Pitts style muffler system
- 5 channel radio system
- 8 each high torque servos: (2 - ailerons, 1 - elevator, 1 - throttle, 1- rudder, 1 - steering, 2 - flaps)
- Servo extension wiring

Planes Specifications.
- Scale 1/3
- Wingspan 4.00 meters (157.5 inches)
- Wing area 1.097 square meters (1700 square inches)